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Stage 1 User's Manual

Television Commercial Silencer Stage 1 is a standard one gang electrical work box that holds a single standard residential electrical outlet receptacle. The standard outlet receptacle was rewired to support an 110/120 volt three position toggle switch.

The toggle switch while in the upward position (on) provides power to the top outlet only and while the toggle switch is in the downward position (on) the toggle switch provides power to the bottom outlet only. When the toggle switch is in the middle position (off) then neither the top nor the bottom outlets are provided any power.

One may be wondering: “how will this rewired outlet help me silence my television commercials?”

The concept could not be simpler. The complexity of The Television Commercial Silencer increases with each stage “inside the box;” but, ”outside the box” the functions and features increase as well while the complexity decreases for the End User.

You’ll want to “stick around” and check out Stage 5 aka Final Product! Keep checking! Documentation will be updated periodically!

Stage 1: E.g., Configuration Option 1:

Flip the 3 position toggle switch to the middle position (off) and plug the male 3 prong grounded electrical plug from the Stage 1 Television Commercial Silencer into an 110/120 volt standard residential wall outlet—an extension cord may be used if necessary. The standard rule for extension cords is that the diameter of the extension cord should be the same diameter as the device or larger.

Now that the Stage 1 Television Commercial Silencer has power, plug the 3.5mm male audio plug from a set of external amplified speakers (similar to computer speakers) into the audio headphone (3.5mm) female jack on your television. Again, an extension cable may be used (3.5mm) –Make sure that the power switch on the external speakers is on. You can adjust the volume later.

Take the AC adapter from the external amplified speakers and plug it into the top outlet on the Stage 1 Television Commercial Silencer.

Grab your old “Boom box” and set the function switch to radio and turn the “Boom Box’s" power switch on.

Finally, plug the “Boom Box’s” power cord into the bottom outlet on the Stage 1 Television Commercial Silencer.


Flip the toggle switch up to power on your television audio or flip the toggle switch down to power off your television audio and simultaneously turn on your “Boom Box’s" radio! Flip the toggle switch to the middle position (off) to turn both outlets off when you go to bed.

One can’t say that Stage 1 doesn’t “do the job!” However, if Stage 1 doesn't appeal to you, try Stage 2, 3 or 4! Notice that I didn’t include Stage 5 aka Final Product! That’s because Stage 5 (Final Product) will appeal to EVERYONE! I’ll save one for ya!

P.S.  Don’t forget that this was just Stage 1, E.g.,  Configuration Option 1.  Don’t like listening to commercials on the radio either?  Flip your function switch on your “Boom Box” to CD or cassette tape or “yank-out” the power plug for your “Boom Box” and plug the power plug from your MP3 player into the bottom outlet on the Stage 1 Television Commercial Silencer.  Oops!  Might have given away Stage 2!

More Documentation and Configuration Options on the way.  Can’t wait?  Hassey Solutions will answer any questions: Contact Us.

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